Sommer 4018 handset - Henderson Type
Sommer RDC Roller Door control box
Roller door locking Knuckles

 Gentle transmission technology

All of our garage door operators are equipped with the traveling motor drive system developed by SOMMER. This makes them especially smooth running and durable. The motor track carriage moves itself along a permanently tensioned chain so that no frictional loss and no loss of power occurs as does with a revolving chain.

This gentle transmission technology ensures a long service life and less wear and tear of the garage door operator. The operator is also completely maintenance-free. The chain requires no oiling, which means it won´t leave any messy drips on your car or the garage floor.

The highest safety

Safety and accident protection are SOMMER's highest priority. Our operators are equipped with dependable and proven technology that you can rely on.

Automatic obstacle detection

The automatic obstacle detection provides optimum protection, e.g. for families with children. The operator reverses (reversion) if an obstacle is encountered; this ensures that people and vehicles will not be pinched or jammed.

Break-in protection

The self locking motor is an effective protection against break-in or unauthorized access.

SLS – Safety Lock System

The unique SOMMER emergency-unlock system allows the door to be engaged and disengaged in every position. This permits easy manual opening and locking. In addition, and only available from SOMMER, your garage door also remains locked in the event of a power failure.

DPS - Dynamic Power System

The DPS Dynamic Power System continuously reads in the required force and adapts it to the other external conditions, thus providing the highest safety against jamming or pinching.

All you need is a radio transmission system for controlling all of your home automation applications. That means you can conveniently use our radio control system to operate not only your garage door, your blinds, awnings and roller shutters but other electric and electronic appliances as well.

SOMMER radio technology is secure against code hacking. The use of a 66 bit code length means a hacker would need approximately 234 billion years to try all possible code combinations. The protection against eavesdropping is equally secure: The code is used only once and changes after each operation (rolling code).

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Garage Doors Brighton, always advises customers when wishing to automate an older garage door that you should be careful not to assume the electric operator or remote control, is going to help with either a worn out or badly fitted garage door, both of which will be heavy to operate as they are usually not balanced correctly. Brighton Garage Doors. offer a free and with out obligation site visit to inspect your existing garage door with a view to making any necessary garage door repairs or replace parts that are needed prior to installation of a remote control system.

All remote controls, offer standard safety features which ensure the garage door will stop if an obstruction is met during its operation and reverse to prevent damage to the obstacle or door itself.

This safety feature is built into all CE compliant modern electric operators and relies upon the garage door being properly balanced as a manual door so the safety reverse feature does not receive false readings due to ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ positions during the doors operation.

otherwise this will give you a remote control system, that keeps stopping for no apparent reason and defeat the object of door automation.

For roller shutter doors the regulations are even clearer with a bottom edge safety sensor required to stop the roller shutter at any point during closing. Auto close systems have additional requirements which we can explain.