Which Garage door?

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Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular and practical choices for style, safety, security and an easy to use and versatile garage door system. They are called sectional garage doors because they open and close in separated individual panel sections, operating vertically without any swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism at all. Because of this operation almost any shape of garage opening can be installed to, i.e. arched, angled corners etc. Sectional garage doors make full use of the space in front of or behind your garage opening as they all open vertically. This mechanism is ideal for shorter driveways, garages next to pathways and internal space problems with higher 4 x 4 and taller vehicles. Garage Doors Brighton can offer bespoke sizes and colours with or without windows and a compatible garage door remote control system connected to your smart phone or smart home system. 


Up and Over garage doors are by far the most common garage door type within the UK still today. Their simple one piece panel construction makes them very easy to use and provide both a low-effort and zero hassle operation. Adding a remote control opener to an existing garage door is possible for about 90% of doors currently in use. It is possible to have a limited range of steel and timber up and over garage doors with pedestrian access doors built into the main door leaf to allow access when the garage door is closed. These options are manufactured with very small thresholds to maximise accessibility. The pedestrian doors only open outwards but can be either side of the garage door. 

 Roller Doors garage door is one of the neatest electric garage door solutions available with vertical operation and no internal tracking mechanism in your garage at all. This provides you with more room on your driveway for parking and the option for additional storage space above where a standard up & over or sectional door would normally open. You can also park right up to the roller door, outside or inside and still operate it and not have issues with larger square backed 4 x 4 vehicles .The whole curtain roll for many of the insulated aluminium roller doors available will usually roll into an average size of about 300mm x 300mm in a position behind, underneath or in front of the garage lintel.


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